Sunday, July 1, 2007

Activation! 9:30pm 27 1/2 hours after purchase

8:15am Sunday morning... a very happy iPerson!

The problem was with AT&T... big surprise.  They had a systems glitch that effected many, but they appeared to be way over their technical heads. 

I won't dwell on details or why I have even less hair on my head than I did on Friday, but I do want to share my observation concerning the following corporate cultural divide between AT&T and Apple:

Apple's Support verbal salutation: "Hey, bud, really sorry that this has been your experience and understand why you're bummed out.  I would be too. You'll be up and enjoying this amazing device, so hang in there."

AT&T's Support verbal salutation: "I want to thank you for calling AT&T. Is there any other way in which I can help you today?" 

I asked 5 or the 10 or so AT&T folks to not ask me that question. Perhaps with different emphasis they could get away with: "...[I know we were of absolutely NO help to you with this one very pressing issue but,] is there any other way in which I can help you today?"

Anyway, like a bad dream or childbirth* the pain is behind me. (*luckily there will be few female readings of this blog).

Will post pics from Friday later... didn't have it in me to celebrate earlier with my fellow new iPhone friends.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Still Waiting for iGodot

I decided to spend the evening with my family and not rush to activate my iPhone. I wanted to give each (family and iPhone) my full attention. At 9:20pm I sat down to enjoy the activation iExperience.  

In retrospect, I can see 2 problems with my decision. First, that not all people holding this beautiful device and packaging would want to put off the iExperience for time with their loved ones. Second, the 3rd and most populous wave of new iPhone owners (think CALIFORNIA!!!) would be rushing to activate while I was reading The Hungry Caterpillar.

So, now it is over 9 hours and still no iJoy.  After many conversations with level 1 and 2 customer support it appears that "everything is working properly."  For those who know me well you can probably guess how this conversation proceeded. Tanika and her supervisor, Ms Murbin, both of Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  have been fielding questions ALL night. They were on the way home to get some well deserved sleep when my call arrived. 

Here is where my activation stands:
1. I do have an account number
2. I do have a phone number (won't list it here for obvious reasons)
3. I know how to get the SIMS card from the iPhone. When I told Tanika that it came completely out of the iPhone she said, "Wow, we weren't told that it came out! Okay, could you read to me the 20 digit number on the card?"  Even if this miniature card had such a number I would never have been able to read it.
4. Fortunately, the IMEI and ICCID #s are on the beautiful iBox (note to any other iPhone soon to be activated user)
5. Ms Murbin gave me her desk number and said that she'd be happy to revisit my account should I not be up and going when she returned to her desk tonight.

We all said our goodbyes.  When Tanika asked whether there was anything else she could do for me, we both laughed.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Last Entry before getting my iPhone!

10 minutes to go... last entry:

many fun folks! One young lady is drinking vodka. several have picnics... AT&T staff have had a great time with us...

update on my chest and triceps... cramped up after my last set. Won't have to exercise for the next few days....

next entry from my iPhone.

Passing The Time


doors closed. hundreds, perhaps thousands in line... well, not here. Actually, only about 15.

fun group of folks... several have taken over the pushups when I was unavailable (bathroom run at B&N).

2 young ladies are here because they want the cool thingy. Don't know about gigabytes or wifi, but know that it is cool.

will send pictures soon..

up to 8.

The Line Has Formed


the line has formed. 5, if you don't include Peter's seat. No one has questioned the empty seat in #2 position. My hope that he will show up soon and with the good sense to not sound as if he hasn't been here yet. We'll see.

Eric, #3, is a software engineer. Smart guy. Knows the industry from the tech side. Shared thoughts about iPhone, Foleo and other devices. Can't tell me with whom he works... government contracts.

btw... I'm beginning to feel the pushups. Glad that there are only 5 more hours.

Steve is getting chatty


Steve is getting down right chatty! Asked me how many pushups I had just done. Told him only 30, trying to conserve my energy for the every 15 minute workout till 6pm. He told me that he'll try to pace his outdoor walks for me...especially if the store is playing a song that he really likes.

No one else in line. Maybe this has more to do with my 360 pushups and the hot sun and not interest in the iPhone.


11:07am iDay!!

A knock on the window from inside store. An employee invited me to play with the iPhone. Won't waste words like amazing, beautiful, or wow. I remained cool and instructed the team how to use Google Maps to identify the store from above. Five minutes into my demo management suggested that this was not really permitted, nor part of the iSteve plan, and warmly requested that I return the device and end my presentation.

Still alone, but Steve is getting more friendly. When I saw him leaving for his walk (now every 15 minutes!) I told the staff that I'd have to leave to do my pushups. Steve said, "No, stay here...that thing is more important than your pushups! He actually smiled."

Oh, now you know a personal friend who has played with this device prior to 6pm. Mossberg, Pogue and Chakin.